We Didn’t Forget,

We just couldn’t think of what to say, even though in retrospect, there’s plenty to talk about. ¬†While we were taking an accidental sabbatical from updating the blog, Jman and I traveled a bunch, went to musicals, slept togeth– wait it’s not what you think, he’s my brother. Nothing weird.

Over the last 4 weeks, we started posting comics that I actually drew and inked. It was before that Jman would take my comics and render them in Photoshop, and when he writes them, he starts and ends in Photoshop. Lately, given the need to expediency with our schedules for work and school, we decided that if we can scan a comic into the computer and have it look at least half decent after some cleaning up and futzing, we might as well just use the original comics. So now you can all bask in the awfulness of my atrocious handwriting, and that’s when I’m trying really hard to avoid it looking like a coffee fueled child with ADD.

This all doesn’t mean that we’ll stop making the nicer, prettier, larger projects, it just means that we have more time for them and can do them justice without cutting corners. So really, our laziness is beneficial to all both the authors and readers! (Thud said trying to crack a terribly crooked¬†looking smile.)


What else…

Right, last week, we started a series call “The Blob Genie.” He’s the little voice in your head that reminds you of that time you embarrassed yourself in front of that girl you liked, the voice that tells you that your life is a sham and that changing it won’t make you any happier, and the part of me that tells me that I shouldn’t put so much effort into something I know no one will read.

Yeah. He’s a bit of a prick. However, I’ve become very well acquainted with that voice and know now that we all need at least a little of its advice, if only to try to prove it wrong, however in-vain the effort might be. We’ve all known The Blob Genie at one time or another. We just decided to give it a face and perhaps nefarious motives… Also, a PhD.

There’s more, I’m sure, but I think it’s Jman’s turn to say some crap. He’ll be awake soon, no doubt.

Anyways, thanks for patronizing our comic, we’d love to hear from anyone willing to tell us we’re stupid or offensive. You can also tell us you like us, but that doesn’t sound like as much fun to write, we would still love reading it.

Okay. I’ll shut up now.

– Thud (writer/producer)