New layout, new setup, New stuff! New is GOOD!!

Get this, folks, is about to change, just a bit. Following some increased interest and the realization that the sheer volume of comic-writing was killing us, we started work on a couple of new things.

First, we’ll be including an archive of the comic, just below the current comic. I know I’ve always missed that about the site so far.

Second, our Social Media links will be getting displayed at the top of the page, including FB, Soundcloud, Twitter, Patreon, AAANNNNDDD…

Our new RSS feed! that’s right, we have one now. You can now subscribe and get the daily updates of the comic at any time on any device.

I mentioned Patreon. Those of us who know Q2Qcomics and SMBC may have heard of it. It’s a place where you can support people’s creative endeavors, support their art, support whatever you want. Keeping up a daily comic has turned out to be more work than we ever thought, even for those who draw stick figures holding dildos. If you’ve got the means and enjoy the work, check out the Patreon page. We’re offering some pretty fun rewards for certain levels of pledging.

Anyways, I’m gonna load this into the blog and hope that someone sees it. I hope you’ll enjoy the new layout and actually want to help us out. It’s a blast making the comic, we really do love making it, even the depressing ones, and we like people enjoying it or getting anything out it too. There is no way we’re ever going to stop making it, so stick around. – for you rss users our there if you care to support us!