Origin Story

Beulig and Jman write webcomics. That’s all you really need to know, but since we understand the urge to stalk them, we can elaborate further.

When I was about 8-years-old, I started using this old computer game called MegaZeux a whole bunch. Then I realized that one could actually make games in this program using the simplest built-in parts and with very little effort. There’s a “holy shit” moment in looking back with the realization that it was probably the first actually creative thing I’d ever done.

In this program, I made a program where you touch a door, the door turns into an alien, and then the alien teleports away as it walks out the door. Really, not much inspired about that idea at all. It was just to see if I could actually program a silly little thing. Apparently, I could. Applause for me! When I saved it, I was trying to call it “Through Door,” only to realize when my 6-year-senior brother (Jman) pointed out that I’d forgotten both R’s in “Through Door,” leaving it to simply read “THOUGHDOO.mzx.” Complete accident. However, upon Jman opening this, er, “game,” he managed to develop some interest in working with the program again, a program he had actually managed to gain some proficiency in years earlier near the time of it’s first release in 1994.

So, we embarked on the journey of making a game, more game than a door turning into an alien. Of course, the entire thing was utterly absurd, filled with egregious drug use and profanity. The most common item you come across in the game was Porn. From there, the partnership grew…

Then it DIED.

I stopped making games as a fickle 8-year-old will, and Jman stopped hanging out with 8yo me, as teenages generally don’t.

I stumbled across the program again at 16, realizing what I could actually do with it, which as it turns out is fucking anything. As I was on the verge of releasing my first game, Catnip, (also laden with drug use and profanity) I needed to decide on a company name. The only other thing in my MegaZeux folder was
“THOUGHDOO.mzx,” so that was it.

Yeah, not a great origin story, but a story! Jman and I to this day collaborate on making MegaZeux games and are the founders of Thoughdoo.com, a webcomic about everything and nothing featuring terrible and brilliant art with vapid and insightful commentary about nothing in particular.

In case you’re interested, MegaZeux is still around, and it’s a bloody great program, make a silly little game for me!


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